Rug ReWeaving services in San Diego

For over 30 years Coast Oriental Rugs has been cleaning and restoring the finest handmade rugs from all over the world.  Our customers trust their oriental rugs to Coast Oriental Rugs for our expert cleaning and repair services. We clean rugs of many types from hand-made wool, wool and silk, to machine-made rugs. If your rug requires more care, our master weavers are on staff to perform the extra care needed, in house.

Rug Repair

When you need a rug repair San Diego. Coast oriental rugs employs the most experienced weavers to repair all types of rugs such as Persian rugs, Turkish Rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs as well as Kilims, Tapestries, custom made, all kinds of area rugs and machine made rugs. Most repairs start from scratch, meaning that our expert weavers will create a new foundation for the damaged area to weave on. To make sure the colors of the yarns are close to a 100% match to the existing pile; they will have to custom dye the new yarn to all the colors needed to insure the most desirable outcome. Our experts will discuss all the options available to you to ensure your satisfaction. Please see samples of our repair work.

Damaged rugs should not be left in higher traffic locations where they can get further damaged. A professionally rug repair will look as great as it did before any damage occurred. Coast oriental rugs san diego employs the most experienced weavers to repair all types of rugs such as Persian rugs, Turkish Rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs all kinds of area rugs and machine made rugs.
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Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning process involves vigorous dusting and shaking in our dusting machine to remove objects trapped inside the rug that can not be removed by vacuuming. Pressurized air may also be used on some rugs for the same purpose. Finally the rug is vacuumed with our special industrial vacuum cleaner before going through our washing process. The shampoo used in our rug cleaning process combines the 100% biodegradable, natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with the conditioning and fiber enhancing qualities of Lanolin. Together they efficiently clean and extend the life of your rugs. Coast oriental rugs is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality, expertise and service. As professional rug cleaners, we believe your valuable oriental rugs; especially handmade rugs should only be entrusted to those rug cleaning companies staffed with experienced rug cleaning professionals who apply techniques proven effective time after time.

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